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Monday, December 12, 2011

Anita's We Day Post

On Wednesday, November 23rd, I had one of the best experiences of my life! We Day was such an inspiring, fun time that I didn't want it to end! Once you walk through the doors of the Mts Center all you can see are thousands of students and adults everywhere. There were a lot of different booths advertising different things. There was one stand promoting the Vow of Silence campaign, even a booth advertising Boston PIzza! There was one game where you can win Boston Pizza coupon, and I won $5.00 off my next pizza.. when you purchase something over 25 dollars :(
The Mts Center is exceptionally big, and it was practically flooded with excited children and adults! When we did the 'We Day dance', everyone was up and dancing, and it was really cool to see everyone jumping at the same time. It was very strange when Michel Chikwanine was on stage and all 16 000 of us in the Mts Center were perfectly quiet. It was surreal when I saw Hedley and Down With Webster perform, because they are really fantastic live in concert!
The only thing I didn't like about We Day was how filled the Mts Center was with people, and it took forever to buy lunch because people were constantly cutting each other in line and there were too few workers to serve everyone in line! I even missed some of the performances because I was stuck in line! And I didn't get to see any of the performers and speakers so they could give me an autograph.
Overall, it was a excellent day. I got to see Spencer West, Al Gore, the Craig and Mark Kielburger, and a whole lot of other magnificent people that we talk about in class! I definitely want to attend We Day again. It was a really good day! (:


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