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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Suzzene's scribe post

*Taxes not included.

1st Question:
Store A:
Skates = $200
50% Off.

Store B:
Skates = $200
Day 1- 30% Off.
Day 2- 20% Off.

Finding the total price for Store A:
For finding how much the sale price is for Store A, I would first find the discount. I'd find the answer by doing the decimal way.

50/100 = 0.50
0.50 x 200= 100

Then, I would subtract the original price to the discount.
200 - 100= $100

Therefore, in Store A, you would have to pay $100.

Finding the total price for Store B:
Like in Store A, I would first find the discount.

30/100= 0.30
0.30 x 200= 60

Then subtract it with the Original Price again.
200-60= $140

On the first day, you'd get the skates for $140 dollars. If you go the second day, to find how much it is, you have to do the whole process all over again except, you have a new 100%. Instead of 200, it will be 140.

20/100= 0.20
0.20 x 140= 28

Lastly, subtract once more.
140-28= $112

In the end, it shows that you can save more, ($12) if you buy at Store A instead of Store B.

2nd Question:
Store C:
Boots = $270
40% Off.

Store D:
Boots = $270
Day 1- 30% Off.
Day 2- 10% Off.

Finding the total price for Store C:
Re-do the whole process done in the 1st question.

As a reminder, first, you must find the discount.
40/100= 0.40
0.40 x 270= $108

Then, subtract original price with discount.
270-108= $162.

Therefore, if you bought in Store C, you would get the boots for $162.

Finding the total price for Store D:
Find the discount first.
30/100= 0.3
0.3 x 270= $81

Subtract Original Price with discount.
270 - 81= $189

If you bought the boots on the first day, you would buy it for $189. If you bought it on the second day...

Finding the discount:
10/100= 0.10
0.10 x 189= $18.90

Subtracting the discount from the Day 1 price, it would be $170.10
189- 18.90= $170.10

Therefore, you would save more money if you bought it at Store C instead of Store D.

If you are kind of confused, here's a video that may help you.:

Here is also a game about discounts and such.

Good Luck and Have fun!

P.S., due to Rose's suggestion, I decided to put the homework.

Remember, don't forget to do pages 148-151 in, or at least, some of them! :)


rose817 said...

Good job Suzzene!!! I like how you explained everything so organize. It helped me understand what you guys did in Math because I was in Backé math!! I would suggest you put some pictures to improve your explanation. I also suggest you put the homework for today. Over all good job!!

liyanah817 said...

Great Job Suzzene(: Your post is well organized with many colours! I like how its easy to read, and just like what rose said you could probably use some pictures to help go with your questions. Your post helped me because I dont know what you guys did im math and what was for homework, thank you! For your link i suggest you change it into a clickable link!! I tried out the game, its seems okay (: Well, great job Suzzene! Keep it up(:

Sydney718 said...

Thank you, eh. The main points were righ there and easy enough for me find even half asleep on melatonin. The video explained a lot and made things a lot easier. And also, good job on the textbook questions. Perfection !!

Kamille817 said...

Hi Suzzene! I really liked your scribe post, because you explained everything so clearly. I also liked how you had different kind of colors in your post. Your post was also well organized and it helped me a lot. Mentioning the homework pages will helped everyone do their homework, so good job! What I need to suggest to make your scribe post even better is that you should put pictures on each of your questions so that everyone would understand it better. The video and the link also helped me a lot. Thank you so much!

Jada 8-17 said...

Good job suzy. Every thing made sense. all the diagrams you have were very easy to understand. Tne video gave me a better understanding on the subject. Keep up the good work.

Ashley772 said...

Hello! Awesome scribe post! It made sense and you also DID remind me about the homework. Thanks!! I liked how you took your time to explain to everyone what it is you were trying t o show us. The video was interesting too. This was very easy to read and it's gReat how you put a link up there too. Keep up the awesomenessess!

Kimg817 said...

Good job Suzzene! Your scribe post is I really like it a lot! It's colorful an well organized! It helped me a lot! Thank you! Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward for your next one! :)))

Kimg817 said...


paige817 said...

Great Job Suzzene!
I liked how your post was well organized and easy to understand. You also added colour and a video to your post too, which is well done!
The only thing I suggest is you could have added a couple pictures to your post for each question, other than that good job and keep it up! (:

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