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Monday, November 21, 2011

Scribe post for pages 135-137 Questions (1,3,11)

1. Kaitlyn and Jordan are converting 0.003 to a percent.
Who is correct? Show how you know.
Kaitlyn: Jordan:
0.003 = 3% 0.003 = 0.3%

Jordan is correct he is correct because you have to convert a decimal to a percent. You do that by multiplying by 100.

3. Teammates Mark and Jonas are discussing the outcome of a game.
Mark says their team scored 500% as many goals as the other
team and Jonas says they scored fi ve times as many goals as the
other team. Can they both be correct? Explain how you know.

Yes they can both be correct. They can both be correct because 100% multiplied 5 times equals 500%. So in one each 5 represents 100%.

11. Express the shaded portion of each diagram
as a fraction, a decimal, and a percent.

a) Fraction: 17 I couldn't get a fraction line in the middle so yeah
Percent: 68%

b) Fraction: 9
Decimal: 0.375
Percent: 37.5%

Here is a video

Here is a worksheet you can practice on


rose817 said...

Good job Gurpreet! I like how you explain the questions. In number 11a and b for the fraction you could draw the fractions and take a picture of it or do it in paint. So it will be easier to understand. I like your video but it got cut off at the end of their explanation. The link Is good but then when your done doing the test the problems are just the same every time. Over all good job!!!

liyanah817 said...

Good Job Gurpreet (: Even though i was at Backe math, i understand what you guys did in math! I like how you put a video and a link to help others! What i think you couldve done was put more colour into it! Otherwise, Great Job! Keep it up (:

Mr. H said...

Great Post. Thanks for Scribing.

Ashley772 said...

Good Scribe post thingy Gurpeet! This is actually the same answer I got as you. So I guess Now I understand it a little better because you actually explained. Haha thanks.

Steven817 said...

Yeah i agree with rose,the questions. In number 11A and B You could have drew them then take a picture of them also cause then i think you and all of us would get a better understanding of what you were trying to explain. and for your viseo it was a very good explaination I understood clearly and BTW the people look funny but anyway good job Gurpreet Keep it up MAMA!!!!! :)

paige817 said...

Great Job Gurpreet!
I liked how you had everything you did in class on here because I was in Backe math and now I understand what you guys were doing. You could have maybe added some colour to your post to make it more interesting to read!
Otherwise, Good Job!

Kamille817 said...

Hi Gurpreet! Well done on your scribe post. I really liked what you put on your title because you told us what pages it was on and what question number it is. From looking at your post, it was very neat. I think you should add more picture, like how you got you answer on question number one and three. Another way of making you post even better is, changing the font size for the questions (I suggest the bigger one), and font color (Two different color: Questions and answers). Thanks for the video,it was cool.

Jada 8-17 said...

Thanks Gurpreet. The video was great to lots of help and I like that it was animated too. Your pictures, you could have made some of your own and also add some color to make the key words stand out. But anyway great job.

karl817 said...

Really Nice Scribe Post Gurpreet I like how it's so organized but you should add some colors on the questions or show how you got your answer. Nice Job!!

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