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Monday, December 5, 2011

Jay Jay's Percent Post :)

ipod is $285 with a 5% discount



Jeans $75 15% Discount

Discount: 15/100=0.15x75=11.25

Sale Price: 75-11.25=63.75

I divide the discount by 100 then multiply that number by the original price to find the discount amount. I subtract the discount amount from the original amount to get the discounted price.


paige817 said...

Great Job JayJay!
You did a good job getting all the answers to the questions that we did in class!
To make this post better you could've added pictures and a video into your post aswell!
Other than that, good job!
Keep up the great work! (:

Jada 8-17 said...

Good job Jay. You could add some pictures, color, and a video for a better understanding. If you had used pictures, you could have showed them in the 3 different ways, Mr. Harbeck showed us. But anyway good job....I think. (Forgot my math binder at school so I can't tell if your answers are right or not.):p

Gurpreet 8:17 said...

Good job Jay-jay. Good job on answering all the questions that we did in class but you should try changing the colors. Maybe if you add some pictures, a video and a link it might be more helpful. Other then that you did a really good job.

Anita8-17 said...

Good job Jay-jay, but to make this post better you could have added colour, a video and a link! A picture also would have made this post better and it would help explain your method better. You could have also explained your answer in the three ways Mr. Harbeck taught us, but otherwise keep it up!

Kamille817 said...

Hello Jay-Jay! Good job on your post. The answers were all right! You should also explain how your answer in different way such as the ratio table. I think you should also put a picture and a video to help our other classmates understand more about this question. Your post could have been also attractive if you change the font color and size. Here is a video that can help:
Other than that, GOOD JOB!

Ashley772 said...

Hi! Good scribe post. To me it made sense, but to make it even better you should at least add a splash of color and maybe a picture and a video would've helped too.other then that it was perfecto.

Kimg817 said...

:) Good job! Jay Jay ! You answers were all right! I also like how you explain all your answers. My suggestion to you is that you may want to put pictures or a video and even change the color of your font instead of just plain. Keep up te good work!

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