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Friday, December 16, 2011

Sydney Tuna Mazur: Percent post

a) The population after the second year is 132 caribou.
b) It is 20% instead of 30 percent because it started with 10% on the first year, and then added another 10% the second making it 20%.

8. (chp. 1-4review)

a) Pasta supreme is the better buy because the amount is bigger than the super choice for only a couple cents more.
b) $0.14 per g for super choice, and $0.10 per g for pasta supreme
c) Pasta supreme is the better because it is $0.04 less per g.
d) estimating unit costs is useful because it helps you make better choices and save money.



(I apologize if there is a lot wrong, but I tried my best please don't be too mad at me)


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