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Monday, November 28, 2011

Ace's Percent Post

This is what we did in class today. ( sorry for bad quality)

19% of 65

26% of 135

Page 138 (1)
Last year the fundraising team ran a school store and made 50 1/2%
profit. The school store usually has total sales of about $10 000 per year.

1. a) How much is 50% profit?

b) How much is 1% profit?

c) How much is 1/2% profit?

d) How much is 50 1/2% profit?

Page 138 (2)
2. The committee wants to donate 10% of the store profits for
providing food.

a) What is 10% of the profit calculated in #1d)?

b) How could you determine 10% of a number mentally? Explain.

Page 139 (3)
3. The committee knows that access to clean drinking water is critical
in preventing serious illness. They would like to donate 20% of their
profits for providing clean drinking water. How could you determine
20% of the profits mentally using your answer to #2?

Page 139 (4)
4. Oral rehydration therapy (ORT) is a simple yet inexpensive
medicine designed to fight dehydration.

a) If it costs $0.10 to prepare 1 L of ORT solution, how many
litres of ORT can be prepared using the money from the 1/2% portion of the store profits?

b) If the average adult needs about 4 L of ORT for adequate rehydration, how many adults can be treated using the 1/2% profit?

Different way of finding percents of a number.

Show You Know ( page 140 )

Here's a video that may help you.


diana817 said...

Great job Ace ! I like how your post is well organized and understandable. It helped my understanding on how to find percents of a number

rose817 said...

Good job Ace! I really like your pictures. It helped me to understand how to find a percent of a number. I also like your video. One thing I want to suggest is you should put our homework for math. Over all good job!

PS : Our homework for math is homework booklet 4.3 pages 42 & 43!!

Gurpreet 8:17 said...

Good job Ace. I like how you did your own pictures and posted them. Just like Rose said you could have said what our homework was if people forgot. Other then that you did a really good job.

paige817 said...

Great Job Ace!
I liked how you had everything we did in class today incase people that missed today would know what we did. It was also well organized and easy to understand! I liked how you have a video there too!
Good job, keep up the good work! (:

Steven817 said...

Hey Ace very good job broski I like how you make your own pictures of the questions and made every thing pop out on the paper so that we could see what was going on when you were finding out the % out of a number . Like in class I didn't understand how to find 350 % out of 10 well I understood it pretty well but in class everything was just happing too fast but I think I just got scared beacuse it was confusing to find 350 % out of 10 because "350" is greater than 10 so that's what I thought there. But when I read over your post I understood the question better thanks Ace ! PS yeah you should have said our home work at the end but overall everything was great ! :) @ rose thanks for reminding me I'm ready to get first in the world on manga high !!

Jada 8-17 said...

Good job Ace. I like how you did the pictures yourself, they're very neat and organized. The video really helped, now I understand what Harbeck was talking about. I would suggest that you add the statement about the homework like Rose said though.

Kamille817 said...

Hello Ace! Well done on your scribe post. Even if your pictures were bad quality, I can still easily see what was written on it. I really liked how you explained how you got your answer because it shows that you learned what Mr Harbeck taught us today. I think it was also cool how change some font color and made some questions bold, but I think you should make the font bigger for the questions. Your scribe post was very organized, and I like that ;)
What you needed to do to make your post even better is write down the homework (homework booklet pages 42-43 which is 4.3). Another thing is that you should remind them about MangaHigh. Other than that, Keep up the good work!

liyanah817 said...

Good Job Ace! I liked how you used your pictures to show how you got the answer. Also, just like what other people said, youre post is well organized. Your post really helped me because there were some questions that i did not understand, and you explained it really well. You couldve added the homework just like what Rose said, but you couldve also added a link to Manga High or something. I like how you put a video up to help others! Through out everything great job ace, and keep it up(:

Charisse817 said...

Good job Ace! Your blog post really caught my attention and it is well organized and understandable. I like how you made and showed pictures for every question and showing people how you did it. Your pictures are very neat. I liked how you showed another way for the last question but maybe you can show another way for all of them so people know how to do 2 ways if it's possible. I also liked how you put a video so if they still don't get what you did, they can watch the video. This blog post was close to perfect, good job Ace! Keep it up and work hard! (:

Anita8-17 said...

Great job Ace! (: I like how your post is so organized and understandable. I also like how made a picture to go with every answer, and that you told us the question, because some people forget to tell us what the question is and we don't understand how they got the answer. This post was really great and helpful! Keep it up! (:

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