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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eli's Textbook Questions 5, 9 and 14

Question 14: 4% of 100 is the same as 8% of what number? 200 because 4 is half of 8 and 100 is half of 200.
Question 5

Question 9

Steven's Precent post -pages (3,11,7)

3. use mental math to determine each of the following.3. use mental math to determine each of the following.
A) 300% of 2000

B) 1 1/4 % of 60

C) 0.1 % of 40

7.Two hundred tickets are being sold for a school draw.
(there are two ways i did A with my strategy and with Mr. Harbeck's strategy i didn't know which one was correct so comment and tell me cause i got confused)
A) what is your chance of winning with one ticket?

B) How many tickets would you need to purchase to have 2.5 % chance of winning?

11. The area of Canada is approximately 9 984 670 km2. The area of Manitoba is about 6 1/2 % of the nearest square kilometer?

Here's a video that may help you!

sorry i took so long i couldn't get the pictures on but at the end i succeeded the only thing i think i messed up on is question # 7 but that's what you guys are for to correct me on my mistakes :) so yeah hope this helped and play MangaHigh For Sargent Park ! make sure we get first we only have tonight left and P.S i think the homework is finishing home work booklet 4.1 - 4.3 Good luck !!!

Sompong's We Day Post

We Day was an amazing day to experience. I had never been to a concert before and i`m happy that We Day happened to be my first! Our school had 45 tickets to go to the concert, 5 of the tickets were for the teachers, 10 went to grade 5 and 6`s, and 30 to grade 8 students. There was a lot of grade 8 students that wanted to go to this concert, so we made posters, had to present to our grade 8 teachers and explain to them why we wanted to go to We Day. I was lucky enough to get to go to We Day along with other grade 8 students! :)

Everyone that went to the concert had a t-shirt that they had to wear which said `It Starts With Me`. We met at school at 8:00 AM and then bused to the MTS Center. At the MTS Center surprisingly we didn`t have to wait outside, we went straight to our seating section (2-14). There were 16 000 people filling up the MTS center and it was unbelievably crowded everywhere we went but we managed to get through.

At the beginning of the concert everyone got up and danced the We Day dance! We learned it step-by-step and then Shawn Desman went on stage and danced with us! After that there were speakers that spoke to us about We Day and their experiences in life. Shawn Desman, Neverest Down With Webster, Sierra Noble, and Hedley all performed for us throughout the concert. Craig Kielburger, Mark Kielburger, Mia Farrow, Al Gore, Paul Martin, Degrassi Cast, Rick Hansen, Spencer West had all given amazing speeches and all had experiences in their life that led them to participating in We Day. Unfortunately I missed Hannah Taylor`s speech because of the lineups during lunch. Michel Chikwanine touched me the most with his.. speech. Michel was only 5 years old when he was taken by some horrible soldiers that took him into the jungle. They cut his wrists and rubbed cocaine and gunpowder into his open wounds. Then they made him hold a gun, blindfolded him and told him to shoot! Without knowing what his target was, Michel pulled the trigger and when he took off the blindfold, he saw that he had shot his bestfriend `Kevin`. He was then forced to be a child soldier. Michel was silenced along with 300 000 other child soldiers, but he stood up for what he believed in and is now giving speeches all around the world.

We Day was honestly the BEST experience in my entire life. If I could re-live this day, I definitely would. I learned that no matter how old you are, what your disability is, where you come from, what your background is, you can still make a difference if you just believe in yourself. We Day has inspired me to make a difference! :)

Joseph's Percent Post 6,10, 14

What is the percent of each number?
Give your answer to the nearest hundredth.

Answer- 3.25%

Answer- 150.8%

6c)250% of $76.50.
Answer- 191.25%

10. When water freezes, its volume increases by approximately 10%
a) By how much does the volume of 750mL of water increase when it freezes?75
b) What is the volume of ice created? 825mL


14.4% of 100 is the same as 8% of what number? Explain how you arrived at your answer.
Answer- 8% of 200 is the same as 4% of 100 because 8% is just 4% doubled.

Karl's Percent Post 4,8,12

4. Use mental math to find the following.
a) 20% of 60.

To do that I divided 20 by 100 which equals 0.2
0.2 is 1% so I multiplied 0.2 by 60 then I got my

b) 250% of 400

To do that I got 100% which is 400 so
I doubled that and got 800 then I divided 100 by2 and got 50% so
I did the same to 400 and got 200
I added it all up and got 250%= 1000.

c) 10 1/2% of 100

To do this I divided 10.50 by 100
and I got o.105 then that's 1% so I
multiplied that by 100 and I got 10.5

8. The original price of a jacket was $84.00 A store manager marked the price down by 25 1/5. By how much was the price reduced.

To do that I divided 100 by 4 which equals
25% and 21 at the other side then I found
!% by dividing 100 by 100 and I got 0.84
so to get half I divided 0.84 which is 0.42
so I added it all together and I got $ 21.42

12. A manufacturerof electric hybid vehicles claims it's vehicle will travel 200 % as far as it's regualar vehicle on full tank of gas. If the regular vehicle travels an average of 550 km on a full tank, how far will the hybrid go?

To do this I got the 100% which is
550 so I doubled that to get 200%
and I got 1100 so the hybrid car
will travel 1100 km.

Here's a video about finding percent of a number.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Aicelle's Homework Booklet Post

5.) The commission for the sale of house was 6 3/4% or 6.75. If the house sold for $345 000, how much was the commission? Show your thinking.

7.) Estimate the following answers, then calculate. Show your thinking.

a) Miguel bought a car for $4700. He made a down payment of 19 1/2% or 19.5%. How much was the down payment?

b) About 5.6% of Canadians have Type 2 diabetes. If Canada's population is 32 million, about how many Canadians have this condition?

c) The 4900-seat hockey arena was 63% full. How many people were at the game?

8.) The Nile River is about 209% the length of the Yukon River is 3168 km, how long is the Nile River (to the nearest km)? Show your work.

I'm sorry if I took long just to make this, I wanted it to be good and the pictures were slow.
My pictures are the one's that we learnt today.
Don't forget to play at manga high! That's where you can practice percents.
I hope you like it!

Kristan's HWB post

What I did for a) is i know that 1 divided by 5 is 0.2, so i got 0.2%/100= 0.002, than i got the 0.002x630 and that equals to 1.26.

b) I did 23+ 0.875( or 7:8)=23.875, i go the 23.875/100=0.23875, then i multiplied that by 300 and i got 71.625.

c) I got the 245%/100=0.0245 multiply that by $356.80 and i got 874.16

d) I got 68 add 0.25( or 3:4) and that equals to 68.75, then i multiplied it by 730 and i got 6875.

e) I got 360% and divided it by 100 which equals to 3.6, then multiplied it by $129.95 and it equals to 467.82

6. I got the 182% than divided it by 100 and i got 1.82, than multiplied the 1.82 to the 1700 mg and i got 3094

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ace's Percent Post

This is what we did in class today. ( sorry for bad quality)

19% of 65

26% of 135

Page 138 (1)
Last year the fundraising team ran a school store and made 50 1/2%
profit. The school store usually has total sales of about $10 000 per year.

1. a) How much is 50% profit?

b) How much is 1% profit?

c) How much is 1/2% profit?

d) How much is 50 1/2% profit?

Page 138 (2)
2. The committee wants to donate 10% of the store profits for
providing food.

a) What is 10% of the profit calculated in #1d)?

b) How could you determine 10% of a number mentally? Explain.

Page 139 (3)
3. The committee knows that access to clean drinking water is critical
in preventing serious illness. They would like to donate 20% of their
profits for providing clean drinking water. How could you determine
20% of the profits mentally using your answer to #2?

Page 139 (4)
4. Oral rehydration therapy (ORT) is a simple yet inexpensive
medicine designed to fight dehydration.

a) If it costs $0.10 to prepare 1 L of ORT solution, how many
litres of ORT can be prepared using the money from the 1/2% portion of the store profits?

b) If the average adult needs about 4 L of ORT for adequate rehydration, how many adults can be treated using the 1/2% profit?

Different way of finding percents of a number.

Show You Know ( page 140 )

Here's a video that may help you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Paige's We Day Experience

Today was one of the best days of my life!
We Day is a very special concert, at the MTS center, that only students, teachers, and some adults get to go to. I was very lucky to be able to go today because only 30 students from our grade were able to. Even some grade 5 and 6's went also!

When we arrived at the MTS center there were many other children that were just like me, in fact some were older! From the moment I walked in the building I knew this day would be so much fun because everyone else was pumped too!

We started off the concert with the We Day dance which was choreographed by Shawn Desmond!
At first we got to re-learn the steps, if you haven't learned it yet, so that everyone was able to do it when we started dancing. Once we all learned it, we danced it a couple times and then Shawn Desmond went on stage!! Everyone started shouting and I felt so pumped to be there at that very moment, it was so fun getting to dance with Shawn Desmond and everyone else at the same time!

There were many inspirational speakers such as Craig and Mark Keilburger, Mia Farrow, Al Gore, Hannah Taylor, and Spencer West. To ME I would have to say that Spencer Went is my favourite and the most inspiring. He's my favourite and the most inspiring because he didn't let anyone or anything stop him from doing what he wanted. He was told that he wouldn't be able to walk or even stand up because of the disease that caused him to lose both his legs when he was younger and that he wouldn't be a regular functioning member of society.. BUT he wouldn't let those words stop him! He trained himself to learn how to walk and to inspire people that anything is possible if you try and you CAN do ANYTHING if you just believe!!

Even though there were many different speakers talking about different events, they all still had pretty much the same conclusion to it.
No matter what age, what colour, or how tall you are.... YOU can make a difference in the world as long as you set your mind to it and just believe!! "WE ARE going to change the world!!"

On November 30th I am choosing to take the Vow of Silence and hopefully many others will too! It is when we are not going to speak for 24 hours, that means we are not even able to use our phones or computers. This event is happening for all the child soldiers out there, like Michel Chikwanine was, that DO NOT have the right to speak and are being forced to slavery and work when they should be playing all day long! MIchel Chikwanine was only 5 years old when he was abducted my rebel soldiers in the soccer field of his school. He did not deserve how he lived his childhood... So I HOPE that you will join Michel Chikwanine and I and take the Vow of Silence so that YOU could stand in solidarity for those who are living this way right now!!!

Today was a very inspirational day and it was all a huge amount of fun! Thank you to all the teachers that made this day possible! (:
I am hoping that I can gain the confidence and get the courage to DO something to change the world no matter how big or small it may be.

Here are some pictures of my We Day experience:

I hope you like my post!
My video is still uploading on youtube so I will post it on here later today if that's alright!


Ace's We Day Post

Today, 30 very lucky students had been chosen to go to today's We Day Concert. I am very lucky that I was one of those 30. Today was absolutely AMAZING. This morning we had all bussed to the MTS centre, And the bus driver was kind enough too let all of us on.

At the MTS centre, we all went to our seat section. (214) It was really crowded! There were A LOT of children at the concert from all around Manitoba. Right from the beginning of the concert everyone was pumped up!

We started off the concert by doing the We Day Dance. It was really fun seeing thousands of people all dancing together at the same time! It was like we were all together as one 'yenno? And I think that "being together or working together as one'', was 1 of the many messages that were being presented to us.

There were a lot of inspirational speakers that spoke to us today, they all had inspired me but the ones that did the most were: Al Gore, Rick Hansen, Spencer West, Michel Chikwanine and of course.. Marc and Craig Kielburger, the brothers who had started all of this.

These speakers showed me that,
no matter how young you are,
what color your skin is,
if you have disabilities,
what size you are, or anything else.

If you do not let anyone put you down, never give up, work hard,
and do whats right, You CAN achieve anything!
I've taken the vow, will you?

On November 3oth I and thousands of others will be participating in the "Vow of Silence" where we will not speak at all for 24 hours. The silence resembles the children who did not get a chance to speak for their own rights. They were forced to become soldiers, slaves and were denied an education.

I will never ever forget this amazing event that I was lucky enough to attend. I hope that I will be going to another We Day Concert in the future. It was a really great and fun experience!

Thank you Mr. Harbeck, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Potter and all the other wonderful Sargent Park staff that made today happen! :)

"Redefine Possible"

Liyanah's We Day Post

We Day: Beginning
We Day was very fun, inspiring, and definitely a day to remember!
In order to go to We Day we had to do a job. We had to make posters and present them to the teachers and tell them why we wanted to go. There were only 45 tickets available, 30 of them were for students in grade 8, 10 of them were for grade 6's and 5 for the grade 8 teachers. Luckily i was chosen to go! Since there were 30 grade 8 students the teachers gave us a checklist on what important stuff to bring. One of the main things that we had to bring was a $10 donation towards the drought in Africa. $10 helps one child get food for a month and there were about 16,000 people there! So most people definitely made a difference in other peoples lives. Another important thing to bring was 1 canned good to donate. JUST ONE. Another thing was to bring your cellphone, camera and many other things. They encouraged us to bring those stuff so we can spread the word that We Day is very inspiring and fun! One last important thing was to bring extra cash if you wanted to buy a t-shirt or other things, and bring our 'It starts With Me' t-shirts. I would like to thank Mrs. Nash for getting the t-shirts and Mr. Johnson for making our t-shirts. They were other teachers that helped and i would like to thank them also!

We Day:
We Day was the best concert I have ever been to. I like how they encourage others that ANYONE can make a difference, no matter how young, where your from, what your disability is. There were many inspirational speakers such as Hannah Taylor, Craig Keilburger, Marc Keilburger, Al Gore, Rick Hansen, Mia Farrow, Paul Martin, Michel Chikwanine and not but not least Spencer West. In the very beginning of the concert they made us do the "We Day Dance," they taught us step-by-step and the next thing you know everyone knows it! It was very fun seeing the crowd doing the same move and swaying all in one direction. One of my favorite parts throughout the whole day was when Spencer West came up and spoke. He talked about how anything is possible and to never give up. He also talked about how his goal was to climb one of the highest mountains, Mount. Kilimanjaro along with his to bestfriend on June 10th. He thought that would be impossible, but he knew anything is possible if you try. Also they showed a video of him running... on his hands. Now that would be very difficult, but you know what? Spencer West is not afraid, he will show others that anything is possible! Even if youre disabled anyone can do anything! Spencer West made me feel different, he changed me to a better person, he inspired me. I used to think that somethings are impossible, but the word itself says "im possible". I now know that anything is possible if you try. I also like Michel Chikwanine when he was 5 years old he got abducted by rebel soldiers. They forced him to be a child soldier, they cut his wrists and rubbed cocaine and gun powder on his wounds. They then blindfolded him and put a AK-47 (type of gun) and told him to shoot ..SHOOT! Without knowing what the target was he pulled the trigger. He opened his eyes. His bestfriend "Kevin" was dead on the ground in front of him. He escaped a few weeks later. He then flew to Uganda then headed to Canada in 2004. He is now a student in University of Toronto. He is a peace activist, inspirational speaker, and a spokes person. He will be standing up for those children around the world that have no voice. "Im taking the vow as a war-affected child," says Chikwanine. Michel is very Inspirational, and helpful.

We Day: End
Throughout the whole day I experienced a lot of fun! At We Day what i learned was that no matter where you came from, what your disability is, how old you are ANYONE can make difference. Just by starting with 1 person. Even though i said this a lot of times I want people to understand and believe in them selves that they can do anything if they try.. cause anything is possible. I hope you all change to become a better person, to become a difference maker in the world. Thank You (: !

Charisse's We Day Experience

This was my first time going to We day and it was amazing. There were 30 lucky students who got to go to We day and I am glad that I was one of them. We day is probably the best concert I've ever been too. A lot of speakers at We Day inspired me and made me believe that I could make a difference if you try.
There was a lot of students from all over Winnipeg coming to watch We Day and you can tell by the screaming and shouting that the audience was having fun and they wanted to make a change in the world and that they care.
The speakers that I remember were Hannah Taylor, Craig Kielburger, Marc Keilburger, Rick Hansen, Al Gore, Spencer West, cast of Degrassi, and Michel Chikwanine who shared his past with us. The people who performed for us was Shawn Desman, Down with Webster, Hedley, Sierra Noble, and Neverest.
The people who inspired me the most was .. well.. mostly all of them! Because all their speeches were basically based on poverty and believing in yourself to help make a difference. Hannah Taylor chose to make a difference when she was 5. She saw a homeless guy eating out of a garbage can and she decided to help the guy and start a movement. At the age of 8 she began a ladybug foundation charity that supports the homeless. Hannah Taylor taught me that it doesn't matter what age you are, you're never too young or too old to make a difference in the world. All you have to do is try your best and show that you care about making a difference.
Rick Hansen got into a car accident at the age of 15 and broke his spine ( waist down ) and the doctors said he could never walk again. But when he ended up on a wheelchair, he decided it wasn't all that bad. He was known as " Man in Motion" because he won 19 international wheelchair marathons and he wheeled through 35 countries. Rick Hansen taught me that, anything is possible and it doesn't matter what disability you have. Chase your dream, believe in yourself and you will achieve all your goals and nothing can't stop you from doing what you want.
Spencer West would probably be my number 1 inspiration because even though he has almost half of his body, he is still like one of us but has a disability. Spencer West probably got hurt by getting bullied because he had no legs and getting laughed at, but here he is today.. talking in front of millions of people, showing them that even though he's a person with a disability, he can make a change in the world. He shows love by his humor and he doesn't care what people think about him because he believes in himself and I think it's pretty amazing how Spencer is going to climb mount Kilimanjaro to show the world that he can do anything, if he just tries. Spencer may be small, but he has a big heart and he made me smile today by his speech.
Craig Keilburger and his brother taught us how to say " We are! " a lot of times. Hahaha! Just kidding. But Craig Keilburger made a huge difference in the world. He built many schools in Africa and he helped kids in Africa by accessing to clean water and good health care. Craig was only 12 years old when he started a movement and he changed many peoples lives. He tried his best to get the whole world to his attention so everyone can make a difference.
I think I talked about the speakers a little bit too much .. but that's how much the speakers inspired me but I want to talk about one more speaker.. Michel Chikwanine. Michel was forced to become a child soldier and was forced to shoot his best friend when he was 5. They cut his wrists and rubbed his open wounds with a mixture of cocaine and gun powder. Michel luckily escaped from the soldiers and he didn't hide what happened to him. He shared his story will millions of people all over the world and started a vow of silence. Vow of Silence is when you don't talk, text, email, tweet, or Facebook. Why? because Michel knows there are still more kids out there in Congo where he lived that don't have the right to speak. They don't have the right to freedom and education and they can't live like a normal child. All these kids are silenced and they can't do anything about it but .. WE CAN. Lets join Michel and do the vow of silence on Nov 30 and help children who are silenced right now.
I want to be the change in the world and I want to help children in child labour and in poverty. My favorite part at We Day was when we were doing the We Day dance and Shawn Desman got everyone up on their feet and started to dance.
We Day taught me many things and I know that this day will be memorable cause it sure made me think about making a change and believing in myself. I thought this We Day experience was amazing and I would like to attend again next year because I learned a lot from all the speakers.

Sorry if this is too long..
Here's some pictures I took at the We Day concert (:

Hannah Taylor (:

Rick Hansen (:

Craig and Marc Keilburger (:

Shows how much people were there! (:

My Favourite Picture! Vow of Silence (:

I could have uploaded videos but it took too long,
Hope you guys like it (: