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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Aicelle's Homework Booklet Post

5.) The commission for the sale of house was 6 3/4% or 6.75. If the house sold for $345 000, how much was the commission? Show your thinking.

7.) Estimate the following answers, then calculate. Show your thinking.

a) Miguel bought a car for $4700. He made a down payment of 19 1/2% or 19.5%. How much was the down payment?

b) About 5.6% of Canadians have Type 2 diabetes. If Canada's population is 32 million, about how many Canadians have this condition?

c) The 4900-seat hockey arena was 63% full. How many people were at the game?

8.) The Nile River is about 209% the length of the Yukon River is 3168 km, how long is the Nile River (to the nearest km)? Show your work.

I'm sorry if I took long just to make this, I wanted it to be good and the pictures were slow.
My pictures are the one's that we learnt today.
Don't forget to play at manga high! That's where you can practice percents.
I hope you like it!


liyanah817 said...

Great Job Aicelle (: !
I would like to thank you because i was not there for math, and this helped me know what you guys worked on today. I liked how you used a lot of pictures to describe how you got the answer. I also liked how you put a second way to get the answer, that will probably be on a test. I also like how you added the link for Manga High, but you couldve added a video and maybe change the colors at each question! You didnt post your blog up late! It was just one hour after school ended! haha, anyways thanks a lot, this really helped me! Keep it up Aicelle!

Gurpreet 8:17 said...

Good job Aicelle. I like how you put lots of pictures with your work and how you added that we should go on Manga High. You could add a video about what we learned in math.

karl817 said...

Hey Acielle really good scribe post I like how you change the colors on the questions and how you showed your answer 2 different ways, It really helped me understand more about the things were learning in math. To make it better you should add a video. But anyways godd job!!!

Jada 8-17 said...

Great job Garcia, The picture were so organized and neat. Thanks for adding the homework. You could add a video for a better understanding. yeah so keep it up.

Steven817 said...

Hey omg very good job Aicelle I love how you made your own pictures and uploaded them on to here :) good job on that and I know you feel probally brain dead at the moment but that means you tried and I can tell you worked very hard it shows on your post :p but see Aicelle it pays off. Another thing I would like to point out is that what you did with giving us a link to manga high good idea Aicelle :3 that was very good. But another thing you could add to this amazing post is a video or at least a link to the video about this unit :3 but just a suggestion other than that good job ;) ! PS don't forget VOW OF "silence" TOMOROW!!!!!xD shhhhhhh

rose817 said...

Good job Aicelle! I like that you made your own photos and it helped me understand what you guys did in math. I also like that you put our homework. I would suggest you a video. Overall good job!!

paige817 said...

Great Job Aicelle! (:
I liked how you have pictures to go with all your answers to your questions, it really helped me to understand that part of the homework booklet.
I liked how you also have a lot of colour in your post!
Good Job Aicelle, keep up the great work! (:

Ace8-17 said...

Really great job Aicelle! You did a good job on keeping your post very organized and easy to read. I really liked how you answered all the questions and showed how to answer them in both ways, that's what people sometimes forget. It's okay if you posted late, as long as you took your time and it is posted probably before 11:00pm while students are still awake. I also liked how you put the mangahigh link! I didn't think of that. But anyways great job :)

Charisse817 said...

Good job Aicelle! I liked how everything is well organized and you can understand clearly upon what you did. I liked how you showed 2 ways because most people would've just made one way. I also liked how you made your own pictures and it looks very neat. This post helped me a lot because at first, I didn't really understand how to find percents to a big number, but looking at your post, it made me think " wow, I was that of an idiot" Anyway.. what you should have added is probably a video or you can probably search up a game for finding percents so we can practice if we have trouble. Other than that, you did really well, keep up with good work(: . Oh and thanks for reminding me to play manga high! :p

Anita8-17 said...

Very great job Aicelle! (: I liked that you showed us 2 ways of figuring out each answer, it will come in handy on future tests and exams! Another thing I really liked about this post was that it was organized and neat, and I could actually read what you were writing! :) You even remembered a link to play Manga High, and it probably reminded a lot of people to participate in the games. Overall you did a super job, so keep it up! (:

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