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Friday, November 18, 2011

Jada's scribepost

8) How many hundred grids are needed to
show each of the following percents?
a) 300% b) 466% c) 1200%
b) 5
c) 12

11) The land area of Alberta is about 113%
of the land area of Saskatchewan. Use
hundred grids to show how the land area
of Alberta compares with the land area of

14. a) If 200 squares were used instead of
100 squares to represent 100%, how
would you show 0.25%?
b) If 400 squares were used instead of
100 squares to represent 100%, how
would you show 0.75%?


Ace8-17 said...

Great job jada, next time try moving things around so that the diagrams are with the correct questions. Other than that, good job! Oh! And on the fourth diagram use the corners of the half to represents half more accurately.

Suzzene817 said...

Good job, Jada! I like your pictures, haha.

Gurpreet 8:17 said...

Good job Jada I like how you used your own pictures but maybe next time color with darker colors so it stands out more and say which pictures with which question

Kamille817 said...

Hi Jada! Your post was cool. I really like your the pictures but I think you should try making your post more organize by putting the picture right below or beside the question. Another way of making your post more attractive is change the font size. A video will also help. Here is a link to a video that you can put:

Steven817 said...

Very good job Jada i could understand it pretty well but next time try to put the pictures under or beside the question like Kamille said beacuse then we'd understand even better :) but any way just wanted to say good job JAAAADAAAAA :) bye !

Jada 8-17 said...

If the coloring doesn't look neat blame Paint because I just used the spray can thingy. The pictures moved themselves when I posted it because it looked completely different in the preview when I was editing it.

paige817 said...

Great Job Jada!
You did a good job of having all the information down that you needed and having the answers with pictures there too!
To make the pictures neater you could have drawn there yourself on a regular piece of grid paper, then take a picture of it and post it on your scibe.
Other than that, well done and keep up the great work!

karl817 said...

Hey Jada Good Job on your scibe post I liked how you did your examples but you should put some colors on the questions so it stands out more to the people looking at it but Good Scribe Post.

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