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Monday, February 13, 2012

Pythagorean Scribe/ Textbook pythagorean questions

1. Answer in a short paragraph and with diagrams

1. Explain what the pythagorean relationship.

a2+b2 = c2 because the 2 legs are smaller than the hypotenuse and for it to equal c2, you have to square a2 and b2 and square root it after to get the hypotenuse(c2).

2. Solve for the missing side length.

a= 5cm b= 12cm c=?
c2=5cm2+ 12cm2
c2= 169cm2

3. Is this a right triangle? Prove it!

a=6cm b=8cm c=11cm
6cm2+8cm2= 11cm2

It is not a right triangle because it doesn't equal the hypotenuse.

Textbook Questions pg. 92-93 # 5,9,13

5.A right triangle has side lengths of 40mm, 75mm, and 85mm.

a)Sketch the triangle. Draw a square on each side of the triangle.
b)What are the areas of the three squares.

b)40mm= 40x40= 1,600
75x75= 5,625
85x85= 7,225

c)Write an addition statement with the areas of the three squares.

c) 1600+5625+7226= 14,451 mm

9.Calculate the areas of the three squares

4cm= 4x4=16cm
2x2= 4cm
3x3= 9cm

b) Is this triangle a right triangle? Explain.
b) No because 2+3 cm squared has to equal 4cm squared but it does not. 9+4 does not equal 16.

13. A small triangular flower bed has a square stepping stone at each of its sides. Is the flower bed in the shape of a right triangle? Explain your reasoning.

It is not a right triangle because the 2 legs (4800cm) has to equal the hypotenuse (9800cm) if u add them up. 4800+4800=9600 cm
not 9800cm.


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