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Monday, February 13, 2012

Elijah's Pythagorean Post

1. Answer in a short paragraph and with diagrams
The Pythagorean Relationship is a right triangle that consists of a hypotenuse and two legs. The hypotenuse is ALWAYS larger than the two legs but when the two legs are summed up it equals the hypotenuse.
2. Solve for the missing side length
a squared + b squared= c squared
12cm squared + 5cm squared= c squared
(12x12) + (5x5)= c squared
144 + 25= 169cm squared
c squared= 169 squared
3. Is this a right triangle? Prove it!!
a squared + b squared= c squared
8cm squared + 6cm squared= 11cm squared
(8x8) + (6x6)= 11cm squared
64cm squared + 36cm squared= 11cm squared
c squared= 100 squared cm
c= 10cm
No it is not a right triangle


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