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Sunday, February 5, 2012

TextBook Questions Page 92-93 #5, 9, 13

5.A right triangle has side lengths of 40mm, 75mm, and 85mm.
a)Sketch the triangle. Draw a square on each side of the triangle.
b)What are the areas of the three squares.
c)Write an addition statement with the areas of the three squares.


b)40mm= 40x40= 1,600
75x75= 5,625
85x85= 7,225
c) 1600+5625+7226= 14,451 mm

9.Calculate the areas of the three squares
b) Is this triangle a right triangle? Explain.

4cm= 4x4=16cm
2x2= 4cm
3x3= 9cm

b) No because 2+3 cm squared has to equal 4cm squared but it does not. 9+4 does not equal 16.

13. A small triangular flower bed has a square stepping stone at each of its sides. Is the flower bed in the shape of a right triangle? Explain your reasoning.

It is not a right triangle because the 2 legs (4800cm) has to equal the hypotenuse (9800cm) if u add them up. 4800+4800=9600 cm
not 9800cm.


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