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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Answers to Homework book

Question 6

Write the perfect square immediately before and after the whole number and then estimate the square root of the whole number to one decimal place.

Question 7

Martina's is on a square canvas with an area of 45cm 2. She needs to buy a frame for the painting. Estimate the square's side length to one decimal place.

Question 8

Braden's new game board has 225 small squares. All of the small squares form one large square. How many small squares are along one side.
If you can't read the writing it says

there are 13 squares on one side

sorry that the squares aren't equal


Kimg817 said...
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Kimg817 said...

Good job Jada!I like how you changed the color of your font into purple..and also thank you for putting a video. My suggestion to you is that, you may want to make your pictures more bigger. Once again, good job!

rose817 said...

Good job Jada! I like that yourscribe post is neat and organize. I also like that you put the words in different color. I also like you put a video. Overa all good job.

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