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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Textbook questions

10. Kai uses an entire can of paint on a square backdrop for the school play. The label on can states that one can cover 27 m squared of wall surface. Estimate the backdrop's side length to one decimal place.

Answer 5.2 m √27 = 5.2

19. Estimate the square root of 160 100. Explain how you determined your estimate.

√160= 40
√100= 10
40x10= 400 answer 400

A) The area of the picture is 324 m2.
B) The area of the board is 1296 m2.
C) The dimensions of the board is 36 x 36.


karl817 said...

hey mikey good job on your scribe post but you should of change some of the clours on the questions so it will stand out and also add video and images to show how you got your answer add like a video like this
but still good job

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