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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gurpreet's Textbook Questions

Here is something you should know make answering these questions easier

Textbook questions #10,#12 and#17

Kai uses an entire can of paint on the square backdrop for the school play. The label on the can states that one can cover 27m2 of wall surface. Estimate the backdrop's side length to one decimal place.

Way to get this
  1. You make a number line
  2. Find the halfway point and find what number it is
  3. Add your number and find where it goes


Carmel want to mount an 18cm by 18cm square on a square board that is four times the area of the picture.

a) What is the area for the picture.
b)What is the area of the board
c)What are the dimensions of the board.

Way to get this

  1. To get the answer for a) you have to multiply 18cm by 18cm and you get the answer
  2. To get the answer for b) you mulitply the area of the board which is 324 by 4 because the area of the board is 4 times of the picture
  3. To get the dimension of the board you find the square root of 1296cm which is 36cm. You have to do this in your calculator.

While shopping online, Ji Hun finds square rug with an area of 11 m2. He needs to know if it will fit in his 4 m times 5 m bedroom

a) Estimate the side lengths of the rug to one decimal place.
b) Check your estimate with a calculator
c) Will the rug fit? Explain.

B) When you check on the caluclator it says 3.3 m
C) Yes the rug will fit becuasse the room is 20 m2 . The rug is only 11m by 9m

I tried uploading a video but it wont work so sorry for that but I'll try to add one if I can later

Here is a link to help

Hope you liked it.

Parent Quiz

a(squared) + b(squared) = C(squared)
This Pythagorean Relationship means that the legs of the right triangle together equals to the hypotenuse, which is the longest side length of the right triangle. If the side lengths of the right triangle were not squared you would have to square them.Squared means to times it's number by it self, so it would be 6
x6. So now you multiply the numbers, so oyu would multiply them 6x6 equals 36 and the other leg and together it would equal the hypotenuse.


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