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Friday, January 20, 2012

Diana's Square Root Post

15. Order the following numbers from least to greatest.
17. Caramel wants to mount an 18cm x 18 cm square picture on a square board that is four times the area of a picture.
a) What is the area of the picture?
18cm x 18cm = 324cm2
b) What is the area of the board?
324 x 4= 1296cm2
c) What are the dimensions of the board?

12. While shopping online, Ji Hun finds a square rug with an area of 11m2 . He needs to know if it will fit in his 4m x 5m bedroom.
a) Estimate the side length of the rug, to one decimal place.

b) Check your estimate with a calculator.
√11= 3.3m
c) Will the rug fit? Explain.
Yes, it will fit because the side length of the rug is smaller, even than the shorter side of the bedroom.


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