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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Charisse's Scribe Post

Textbook work

Question 6 -

A rectangle has an area of 64m2.

a) Determine the prime factorization.

b) Is 64 a perfect square? Yes, it is a perfect square because they each have a pair and the sum of the prime factorization is 64.

c) Draw a square and label it's side length.

Question 11 -
What is the square for each number?

a) 9

b) 11

Question 12 -
Determine the square of each number.

a) 3

b) 18

Question 15 c -
Evaluate 625

Question 16 c -

Determine the value 1600.

Question 19 -

The gym teacher told the students to run twice around the perimeter of the school field. The area of the square field is 28 900 m2. What distance did the students run? The distance that the students ran was 1360m2.

Question 22 -

The world's largest city square is Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China. It has an area of 396 900m2.

a) What are the dimensions of the square? The dimensions of the square is 630 m by 630 m because 630 x 630 = 396 900m2.

b) If the square has dimensions of 629 m by 629 m, what would be the area? 629 x 629 = 395 641m2. The area of the square would be 395 641m2.

c) If the square had an area less than 394 000m2 and greater than 386 000m2, what are all of the possible whole number dimensions that it could have? The possible whole number dimensions it could have are 627 m by 627 m, 626 m by 626 m, 625 m by 625 m, 624 m by 624 m, 623 m by 623 m, and 622 m by 622 m.

Here's a video that will help you understand more about square roots.

Another video about finding the area and perimeter.

Don't forget to play Manga high!(:


Kamille817 said...

Hello Chacha! I liked your post because it was very organize and very easy to see. I liked how you used different variety of text font and colors. I think it was very nice to put the answer to a full sentence also. For question number 6a you had a different way of answering the question, however, yours was correct. What I did was 8x8
then 4x2 4x2 which gives you each 2x2x2. That was another way, by the way. Well anyway, I think all of your answers were correct. Link for a game about what we are learning in the class would also help. Here is a link to Prime Factorization:

Hope this helps and thanks!

Ace8-17 said...

Great job on your scribe post Charisse! This helped me double check my answers for today's homework so thank you (:

I like how you use a variety of colors in most of your posts, and you choose colors that are easy to read.

1 thing I suggest for you is to try not to put answers/explanations into long paragraphs. Just so it's more clear, and understandable. Overall, great job!

Jada 8-17 said...

Great job Charisse. It really helped a lot. I really like how neat you did your pictures.The video about finding the perimeter and area was awesome. The colors that you did decided to use were great because they weren't too bright. Ao anyway great post.

rose817 said...

Good job Charisse! I like that you put the questions and the answer. I also like that your words are colored! Your pictures were very clear and I like your video too. I just suggest you put the answer and question separately so it will be clear. Overall good job!

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