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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Paige's Proportion Post

Task 1:
  • Ratio: When you compare a quantity that have the same units.
  • Rate: A comparison of two quantities measured in different units.

  • Proportion: An equation which states that two ratios (fractions) are equal.
Examples of a ratio: 16:9, 10:20

Examples of a rate: $1.50 for 20 candies.

Examples of a proportion:

Task 2:
  1. 5 hours to travel 360 miles is about 72 mph

  2. As a playgroup worker, if I increase the amount of apple juice I am serving at the playgroup from 25 ml to 100 ml, how much should I increase the the orange juice to, to keep the quantities in the same proportion? The orange juice is 50 ml to start
Task 3:
One way you can show that 3/4 and 12/16 are equal is you can go horizontally like this:

There are also 2 other ways to show that they are equal and they are going vertical or using cross multiplication.

One way you can show that 4/9 and 16/32 are equal is you can go horizontally as well like this:

The 2 other ways you can show that 4/9 and 16/32 are equal is by cross multiplication and going vertically.

Task 4:
Here is a video to help you with proportions!

Task 5:

This does not seem fair
I do not think both of these situations are very fair at all because the homeless man who stole 100 dollars really needed it but he felt guilty and turned himself in. He shouldn't be in jail for 15 years, he could maybe still go to jail, but not for that long!
What I would have done if I was the judge is that I would give the homeless man time in jail so that he learns why you should not steal, but maybe only for a couple years.


Kamille817 said...
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Kamille817 said...

Hi Paige! Well done on your proportion post. You did the following task very well. I also liked how you showed an example of your work by putting pictures. The video helped me a lot! Thanks. In order to make your post better, I suggest you change the font color and size in order attract more people to view your post. Here is another a video that you can also put:

Anyway, Good job!

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