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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sydney's Mazur's: The Grand Proportion Post

Ratio - the relationship between 2 numbers like 4 and 6 have the number 2 in common

Rate - a kind of ratio that compares 2 different types of numbers like 400, and 11, and all that kind of thing

Proportion - relation between things or parts of things like pies and almonds
It was not fair because the poor chum didn't actually hurt anybody (it said `threatened`, not hurt), took only $100, and he felt guilty (meaning he had a conscience) and then gave the money back. If I were the judge, he would get 3-6 weeks of community service.
And for the other feller, he took wayy more money. He should be locked up in jail for years and more years.
The homeless guy is actually the chap, and the other guy is the chum.
And the rest of the instructions I forgot the meaning of (so please don`t get too mad at me).


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