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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Joseph's Percent Post 6,10, 14

What is the percent of each number?
Give your answer to the nearest hundredth.

Answer- 3.25%

Answer- 150.8%

6c)250% of $76.50.
Answer- 191.25%

10. When water freezes, its volume increases by approximately 10%
a) By how much does the volume of 750mL of water increase when it freezes?75
b) What is the volume of ice created? 825mL


14.4% of 100 is the same as 8% of what number? Explain how you arrived at your answer.
Answer- 8% of 200 is the same as 4% of 100 because 8% is just 4% doubled.


Kimg817 said...

Good Job Joseph!:) I like your picture because it's neat and it also explain your answers well! You also changed the colors of your picture instead of just using black color. You can improve your scribe post next time by putting a video, changing fonts, changing colors of your fonts, giving us our homeworks, putting websites where we can find more tips or information on how we can improve our percents and adding a bonus questions of your own and we will answer it by commenting on your scribe post. Overall you did a Great Job!

liyanah817 said...

Good Job Joey (: I like how you used pictures with each question. I agree with Kim you should use other colours than just black. You should also add a video or maybe a link to Manga High! Overall great job joey :P

Kamille817 said...

Hey Joe Joe! Nice work on your post. Here are some good things that I notice in your scribe for today: First of all, I really liked how you showed us how you got your answer. Second thing is, just like what Liyanah said "putting in a picture for each question". Here are some suggestions that I would like to say about your post. I really liked the color black but try changing the font color for each question and answer. I also think that you should try and make your post neat and organize by making the pictures aligned (on what ever position you want, but not messy). You should have also mentioned some homework for math (If we had many, I can't recall since this comment is a bit late, sorry) A video would also help (If there;s a good one that you can find or if not then something related to the questions or how to get the answer). Other than that , good job joseph! :)

paige817 said...

Great Job Joey!!
Your scribe is very well done with pictures and everything!
TO make this even more better you could have added a link to a video or something!
Other than that goodjob! (:

Anita8-17 said...

Good job Joey! I really liked how you showed how you got your answer rather than just saying the answer :) To make your post better you could have posted a link or video to give more explanation. Otherwise keep it up!

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