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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jay Jay's Graphing Post

Bar Graph Advantage: It compares data across categories.
Disadvantage: It can only be read with discrete data.
Double Bar Graph Advantage - Compares two sets of data.
Disadvantage -
Pictograph - Advantage: They are easy to read and are visually appealing
Disadvantage: Best for only 2-6 categories and very simple.
Circle Graph - Advantage - Visually appealing and shows percent total for all categories.
disadvantage - Best for only 3-7 categories and only used with discrete data.
Line Graph Advantage - Shows data over time
Disadvantage - can only be used if the data changes

2.Graphs can be misleading by..:

Break in the y-axis

one bar has a different colour

one bar is wider than the other

2.a. Line Graph and Bar Graph.
2.B.Yes because the amount sold each week is getting higher.


4.a. I would show the left graph (line graph) because it shows the amounts getting higher over time.


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