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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Diana's Pay it Forward

"Pay It Forward" is doing act of kindness to at least three people who would in turn pass it on to other people. I did my part by volunteering at church yesterday, November 11, 2011. I made props for Christmas concert of St. Edward's Church. I actually made paper chains that will be used as props. I chose this activity because I want to be a part of a project that is worthwhile and worth remembering.

My act of kindness was great and fun since I met a lot of new people. All of us who volunteered enjoyed doing the props. We likewise enjoyed eating pizza together during the break. They felt glad that I volunteered to give them an extra hand. I did not ask the organizer of the project to "Pay it Forward" since I'm aware that she has been doing this quite sometime already and is active on church activities. The idea of "Pay It Forward" is important because you get to do act of kindness to other people and they in turn pass it on to other people too which would somehow make this world a better place to live. I know that my act made a difference since it made somebody else's project easier to accomplish.


Danilyn8-73 said...

Great Job, Diana! I liked how you used difficult words to describe some parts on your 1st paragraph, to show more intelligence, uniqueness and emotion. Also, when I first looked at this post, I noticed that it was short. Are you sure you answered Mr. Harbeck's questions (he posted the instructions on Sargent Park Math Zone, just keep scrolling down until you find one titled: "Pay it Forward") in the way he wanted you to? Please double check that for me. If you're still confused look around the LABELS until you find "pay it forward", it's one of the 4 on the labels box that stands out pretty well. Click on it, then surf around, compare their post to yours and improve your post ^^. I hoped that I helped you in some way. Overall, Good Job on this Pay it Forward post!

danicka814 said...

Good job,Diana!what you did was very unique.Like what Danilyn said it was short maybe you are missing answer on some questions.But good gob on ur post!

Marielle 873 said...

Volunteering for a christmas concert in St. Edward church a really good idea for pay it forward. Your paper chain decoration is very long and you probably took and long time to finish it. Making paper chains looks fun! Make sure to answer all question that were given. Overall, great job!

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