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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Liyanah's We Day Post

We Day: Beginning
We Day was very fun, inspiring, and definitely a day to remember!
In order to go to We Day we had to do a job. We had to make posters and present them to the teachers and tell them why we wanted to go. There were only 45 tickets available, 30 of them were for students in grade 8, 10 of them were for grade 6's and 5 for the grade 8 teachers. Luckily i was chosen to go! Since there were 30 grade 8 students the teachers gave us a checklist on what important stuff to bring. One of the main things that we had to bring was a $10 donation towards the drought in Africa. $10 helps one child get food for a month and there were about 16,000 people there! So most people definitely made a difference in other peoples lives. Another important thing to bring was 1 canned good to donate. JUST ONE. Another thing was to bring your cellphone, camera and many other things. They encouraged us to bring those stuff so we can spread the word that We Day is very inspiring and fun! One last important thing was to bring extra cash if you wanted to buy a t-shirt or other things, and bring our 'It starts With Me' t-shirts. I would like to thank Mrs. Nash for getting the t-shirts and Mr. Johnson for making our t-shirts. They were other teachers that helped and i would like to thank them also!

We Day:
We Day was the best concert I have ever been to. I like how they encourage others that ANYONE can make a difference, no matter how young, where your from, what your disability is. There were many inspirational speakers such as Hannah Taylor, Craig Keilburger, Marc Keilburger, Al Gore, Rick Hansen, Mia Farrow, Paul Martin, Michel Chikwanine and not but not least Spencer West. In the very beginning of the concert they made us do the "We Day Dance," they taught us step-by-step and the next thing you know everyone knows it! It was very fun seeing the crowd doing the same move and swaying all in one direction. One of my favorite parts throughout the whole day was when Spencer West came up and spoke. He talked about how anything is possible and to never give up. He also talked about how his goal was to climb one of the highest mountains, Mount. Kilimanjaro along with his to bestfriend on June 10th. He thought that would be impossible, but he knew anything is possible if you try. Also they showed a video of him running... on his hands. Now that would be very difficult, but you know what? Spencer West is not afraid, he will show others that anything is possible! Even if youre disabled anyone can do anything! Spencer West made me feel different, he changed me to a better person, he inspired me. I used to think that somethings are impossible, but the word itself says "im possible". I now know that anything is possible if you try. I also like Michel Chikwanine when he was 5 years old he got abducted by rebel soldiers. They forced him to be a child soldier, they cut his wrists and rubbed cocaine and gun powder on his wounds. They then blindfolded him and put a AK-47 (type of gun) and told him to shoot ..SHOOT! Without knowing what the target was he pulled the trigger. He opened his eyes. His bestfriend "Kevin" was dead on the ground in front of him. He escaped a few weeks later. He then flew to Uganda then headed to Canada in 2004. He is now a student in University of Toronto. He is a peace activist, inspirational speaker, and a spokes person. He will be standing up for those children around the world that have no voice. "Im taking the vow as a war-affected child," says Chikwanine. Michel is very Inspirational, and helpful.

We Day: End
Throughout the whole day I experienced a lot of fun! At We Day what i learned was that no matter where you came from, what your disability is, how old you are ANYONE can make difference. Just by starting with 1 person. Even though i said this a lot of times I want people to understand and believe in them selves that they can do anything if they try.. cause anything is possible. I hope you all change to become a better person, to become a difference maker in the world. Thank You (: !


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