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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kristan's HWB post

What I did for a) is i know that 1 divided by 5 is 0.2, so i got 0.2%/100= 0.002, than i got the 0.002x630 and that equals to 1.26.

b) I did 23+ 0.875( or 7:8)=23.875, i go the 23.875/100=0.23875, then i multiplied that by 300 and i got 71.625.

c) I got the 245%/100=0.0245 multiply that by $356.80 and i got 874.16

d) I got 68 add 0.25( or 3:4) and that equals to 68.75, then i multiplied it by 730 and i got 6875.

e) I got 360% and divided it by 100 which equals to 3.6, then multiplied it by $129.95 and it equals to 467.82

6. I got the 182% than divided it by 100 and i got 1.82, than multiplied the 1.82 to the 1700 mg and i got 3094


liyanah817 said...

Hello Kristan! Good Job, i like how you explained your answer, but i think it wouldve been better if you added pictures! You also couldve used colour in your text. You should also put up a video or a link to a game! Otherwise great job! Keep it up.

Steven817 said...

Heyy kristan good job bro but next time you should add some pictures and color so the questions wouldn't seem so plain you did good on the questions but just keep it in mind for next time. Ohh and also try to add a video explaing how to solve questions like these and or a link to a site that has this type of situation with the questions !!! Good job overall tho :) PS make sure you go on manga high !

karl817 said...

Wassup Kristan Good Job on making a scribe post I like how you explained your answer but you should add a picture showing how you did your work or add a video like this. or something like this but anyways good job.

rose817 said...

Good job Kristan! I like that you gave effort in you scribe post. I would suggest you put pictures and video. You also should put some couloirs in it so it won't be plain. Overall good job! Thanks for the effort!

paige817 said...

Great Job Kristan!
You did a good job of getting all the questions and answers on your post but you could've added some colour to your text as well! You could've also added pictures, a video, or a link to a game to make it even better!
Other than that, great job and keep up the good work!

Charisse817 said...

Pretty good Kristan but maybe you should add pictures to show how you did it so it looks more clearly. Do a T table like we have always been doing in class. You can probably make your post a little bit more creative and add more colour because it will get peoples attention and wanting to read what you did and how you did it. Try adding a video or a link so it will make your blog post more impressive. Keep it up and take everyone's advice then your blog will look more better. Good job(:

Ace8-17 said...

Good job Kristan, you explained your answers very well. Next time, you should add pictures along with your explanations so it's easier to understand.
Also you need to put the question with the answers or else no one will know what your talking about! :p

Just add color, a link, and a video to complete your post and you're done!
Great job!
P.S try not to use the same words frequently.." I got "

Anita8-17 said...

Good job Kristan. I like that you explained your answer. I think you should post a video, link or pictures next time so we could understand percents a little better. Also, I don't know what the questions are, so your answers really don't help me. Adding colour and changing font size will help the keywords stand out too. Other than that, great job :)

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