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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Paige's Scribepost

Representing Percents on a Grid

Page 28) 4: One full grid represents 100%. What percent does each diagram represent?
a- 112%

b- 0.2%

c- 85 1/3%

5: What percent is represented by each diagram if a completely shaded grid represents 100%?
a- 3/8%

b- 125.5%

c- 282%

6: Represent each percent on a grid.

a- 125%

b- 10 1/2 %

c- 0.4%

d- 262%

e- 7/8%

f- 45.6%



liyanah817 said...

Fantastic Job Paige(: I think you did a very good job at adding pictures with the answers. You couldve done better by adding a video, or maybe add a link to a game! Other than that, great job! Keep it up(:

Ace8-17 said...

Great job Paige ! Everything looks great, but just like Liyanah said maybe adding a video would've helped

Kamille817 said...

Hello Paige~ Great job on your post! Your pictures are great! I think it would also be cool if you explain how you got your answer. Just like what they say, a video would help. Here is a video that can help:

Keep up the good work!

karl817 said...

Really Good Job on your Scibe Post Paige I like how you put colors on your post but you should add a video that shows how to do it anyways Excellent Job !!!!.

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