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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Graphing Post

Bar Graph

Advantage- Good for showing least and the most
Disdvantage- You cannot show any changes

Double Bar Graph-

Advantage- Good for comparing two sets of data
Disadvantage- Cannot show more than two sets of data

Circle Graph

Advantage- Good for showing big and small data
Disadvantage- You can't mislead a circle graph

Line Graph

Advantage- Good for showing changes overtime
Disadvantage- Isn't used for comparing data


Advantage- Shows a picture of the data, shows how much each picture is worth
Disadvantage- Not good for showing percents of the data

1: Make one bar bigger than the others
2: Break in the Y-axis
3: In a pictograph make one picture larger than the other

I would choose the bar graph for the canteen choices.

I would choose the line graph for the choices because it shows
the changes overtime of the food.


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