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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Liyanah's Pay It Forward

Part 1
What is "Pay it Forward". To complete this part please edit and revise the paragraphs that you wrote after watching the movie.

Pay it Forward is when one person does something to make a difference to an other person or more. Then, the other person that they helped will help other people and try to change there lives and it keeps expanding.

Part 2
First of all, I was doing this project with 3 other classmates, Paige, Charisse, and Amy. Our act of kindness was helping the children in the Children's Hospital and donating money to the Children's Wish Foundation. We chose this activity because we liked to make kids happy and showing them that even though we are just kids, we can make a difference to kids in poverty and kids in the hospital. We also chose to bake cookies and use the money to donate to the Children's Wish Foundation because we wanted to help making the kids wishes come true and make a difference in their lives. We helped children who are sick in the hospital and we helped kids in poverty. We baked 10 dozen batches of cookies in 6 or more hours and we ended up with 34 bags with 3 cookies in each. We sold all those cookies at a Filipino basketball league at Gordon Bell. Each bag cost a dollar and we sold all of them and we used all the money that we earned and donated it at the Children's Wish Foundation. Our 2nd act of kindness was we went to Dollarama and bought little toys to make goody bags and spent over 80 dollars all together. We donated all the goody bags to the Children's Hospital and we made 30 children in the hospital happy. We did both of our act of kindnesses on Friday (when we baked the cookies), Saturday (when we donated all the goody bags), and on Sunday (when we sold all the cookies). We felt very inspiring to many children that we helped. We hope that we sent the message to all the people that we sold the cookies to and the children that we helped in the hospital.

Part 3
Our act of kindness was pretty successful! Our cookies was sold successfully, our goody bags were donated successfully, and the money we donated was successful. We felt that we did pretty good and inspiring, because we helped at least more than 50 people. Even though we didn't help that much people, we still made a difference in the world and this is only the beginning. They thought our idea of paying it forward was a good idea because some people gave us the money but didn't take a bag of cookies because all they wanted to do was donate. We didn't ask the people to pay it forward but we said or did it in a different way. While we were selling cookies, we had a poster that we made and it told people to pay it forward. They also asked us why we were doing this and we explained that we were donating the money to the Children's Hospital to Pay it Forward. The people were pretty impressed that girls this age, can do something to make a difference.

Part 4
Pay it Forward is important because as one person (just you) can make a difference by changing peoples lives one by one and making them live life to the FULLEST! It is also important because as it multiplies more and more people get involved in making a difference in the world.
It has definitely made a difference to others because we made children happy, made people believe that people our age can make a change in the world, and having to spend so much money to make a difference because it was worth it.

Here is a video of us doing out Pay It Forward Project(: ENJOY!


Priya873 said...

Great job Liyanah!
I like how you explained what Pay it Forward is and its awesome that you & your friends went to help out at the Children's Hospital & raised money & baked cookies :)
The video was interesting but next time you might want to add pictures but excellent job still. :)

John816 said...


Nice job!!! i like what you did on this activity,you make a difference from baking cookies to donate the money that you sold ..NICE JOB:)

Well done!!

Jason 8-73 said...

Awesome post Liyanah!
I like how you explained the idea of Paying it Forward. Its nice that you and your friends went to help the Children's Hospital by baking cookies to raise money. I liked the video because it explained what you did.

You did GREAT!!!

jairusa873 said...

Hey Liyanah that's one cool thing to do, I like cookies and selling them for a good cause that's sounds better, you sold this for over 50 people wow that's nice, probably all those people in the children's hospital will like the donations they recive, this pay it forward was probably hard and fun and you guys did a great job!

nikka814 said...

Greaaat Job Liyanah! I see you really took time to work on your Act Of Kindness. Well that was really nice of you girls to do 2 Act Of Kindness. And how you helped out by giving goody bags to Children's Hospital and raising money to Children's Wish Foundation!

Well those cookies looked good and next time sell them at Sargent(;

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