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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Terence's Graphing Post

Bar Graph- Advantages of using a Bar Graph is that it is best for comparing data across categories and a disadvantage is that it uses separate data.

Double Bar Graph- A advantage is that it can be used to compare 2 sets of data and a disadvantage is that the numbers is not always exact.

Line Graph- An advantage is that it compares data over time. A disadvantage is that it's not always the exact number.

Pictograph- An advantage for a pictograph is that it's easier to see which set of data is bigger and a disadvantage is that it's harder to count the exact number.
2. 3 ways a graph can be misleading is a break in the y-axis, make 1 bar wider than the others, and color 1 bar different than all the others.
3A) A line graph and a bar graph.
3B) If i was selling pizza subs I would continue because the line graph shows how much more I am selling.

4. I would use the pictograph because it's best for comparing data that can be easy to count.


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