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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Michael's Graphing Post

Bar graph
advantage of a bar graph is that it is best to use for comparing data across categories.
Disadvantage - it is used to seperate data.

Double bar graph
advantage- it is used to compare two sets a data
disadvantage-it doesn't show the true value

Circle Graph
advantage- its best for showing percents
disadvantage- you have to calculate to show the true value

Line graph
advantage- you can tell wheather a set of data is increasing or decreasing over time
disadvantage- can only be used to compare data over time


advantage- you can see which piece of data is higher or lower
disadvantage- you have to calculate to get the true value

2. How can graphs be misleading? show 3 ways

You can mislead a pictograph if you make one piece of data larger than the others.

You can mislead a bar graph by breaking the y-axis so the intevals will be more closer together.

You can also mislead a bar graph by making one bar larger.

2. a) A line graph or a bar graph would be best for comparing this set of data.
b)I would continue selling pizza subs because every week the sales are going up.

4. a) I would choose a line graph because it shows the data more accurately.

Michael S 8-17


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