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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kristan's Pay It Forward Post

What i am going to do is help people who need stuff. To do this I'm going to donate some stuff that i don't need anymore. By doing this im not only recycling old unused stuff but also help other people in need of stuff. So I'm going to drop off some of my stuff at my grandparents house so they can in turn give it to other people that they know are needing some stuff. I am also going to go to value village to drop off other stuff cause i know that the donation that we drop there also help other charities like "United Way". I did this on November 5th on the weekend.

These are pictures of me donating stuff to both my Grandma and Value Village

What happened is I went to value village then I donated some of my stuff, how I feel is good then how the person reacted was normally and I did not ask the person to pay it forward because he probably didn't know what that means. I also went to my grandparents house to give them some of my stuff so they can give it to one of their friends that moved here from the Philippines, my grandparents was happy because I told them, I was doing this to help people who needs stuff


Michael711 said...

Hi kristan, I think what you did was very nice of you. If you had kept those un-used items in your house they would have gone to waste but by donating them to people and your grandparents you put them to good use, great job!

Patricia817 said...

Hey Kristan, Good job on your pay it forward! Its a good thing to donate stuffs that you guys dont use anymore instead of throwing them away, waste! Anyways, Nice work. All I can say is you totally made a difference :).

jm816 said...

Hi Kristan, Good thing you donated your stuff to value village, but you should have explained what "Paying it Forward" is and maybe he would have done it. It was also nice of you to give some of your other stuff to your grandfather's friend that just moved here. Some people just throw away stuff they don't need anymore. Nice job.

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