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Monday, November 14, 2011



-Out of 100
-Fractions convert to percents
-Percents in Circle graphs
-Percents for test scores
-50%= 1/2
-25%= 1/4
-100%= 1
- Symbol: %
-When you re-arrange the % it becomes 

means out of 100

Homework for today:

You will be needing to do this on a 10x10 grid that was handed out today.

Use a pencil crayon ~ 


rose817 said...

Good job Kamille! I really like your video because it helped me understand how to do our homework. I also like your pictures it helped explain what we did in our class. I liked your explaination of what are homework is and what we did. Over all good job!

Sydney718 said...

This post was exquisitely grand. It was both very understandable and over all brilliant. I was frusturated and enraged because had forgotten that 0.05 was 5% because for some reason I thought it meant 0.5% which is more confusing. So thank you eh !!

Mr. H said...

Ah Sydney are you sure that you are not correct and Kamille is incorrect.... Think about your ideas about 0.5%.

Ace8-17 said...

Great job kamille! You reminded me of the homework that we needed to do, thank you. Where did you get the picture of the handout we got today?

Gurpreet 8:17 said...

Good job kamille. I really liked you video and how you made it stand out. Another good think that you did was put what graph paper was needed.

elijah772 said...

Hey Kamille, great job on the post. It's a good thing you put our homework for today or I would have forgotten to do it. I also like that the video explained more from where the 'percent' was originally made and what it means. Good Job!!!

Suzzene817 said...

Thanks, Kamille! You also reminded me of the homework. Thank you! I also liked the video. It was very easy to understand and helped with the homework. Great job!

diana817 said...

Great job Kamille! I really like your post and your video. An informative post that serves as a good reviewer to the concept of percent, fractions and decimals.

Hendrix8-17 said...

Good job on your post Kamille! I like the video that you put. I also like that you put the homework and what we're suppose to do.

Charisse817 said...

Your post is pretty good Kamille. I liked how you explained everything and put pictures on what we were suppose to do. What could've helped me understand more of what we were doing while I was away at Choral Fest, is that you should've answered the questions and show us how you did it but overall, your blog was pretty cool. I like the video too! Pretty interesting.

Jada 8-17 said...

Thanks Kamille, even though I wasn't in class I could understand what you guys were talking about.

paige817 said...

Great Job Kamille!
You did a good job of getting all the information down like what a percent is and what our homework was. It was also good because you added pictures and colour to it to make it interesting to read, but what you should have done was answer the questions so that the people who were away would know how to do it.

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