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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ace's We Day Post

Today, 30 very lucky students had been chosen to go to today's We Day Concert. I am very lucky that I was one of those 30. Today was absolutely AMAZING. This morning we had all bussed to the MTS centre, And the bus driver was kind enough too let all of us on.

At the MTS centre, we all went to our seat section. (214) It was really crowded! There were A LOT of children at the concert from all around Manitoba. Right from the beginning of the concert everyone was pumped up!

We started off the concert by doing the We Day Dance. It was really fun seeing thousands of people all dancing together at the same time! It was like we were all together as one 'yenno? And I think that "being together or working together as one'', was 1 of the many messages that were being presented to us.

There were a lot of inspirational speakers that spoke to us today, they all had inspired me but the ones that did the most were: Al Gore, Rick Hansen, Spencer West, Michel Chikwanine and of course.. Marc and Craig Kielburger, the brothers who had started all of this.

These speakers showed me that,
no matter how young you are,
what color your skin is,
if you have disabilities,
what size you are, or anything else.

If you do not let anyone put you down, never give up, work hard,
and do whats right, You CAN achieve anything!
I've taken the vow, will you?

On November 3oth I and thousands of others will be participating in the "Vow of Silence" where we will not speak at all for 24 hours. The silence resembles the children who did not get a chance to speak for their own rights. They were forced to become soldiers, slaves and were denied an education.

I will never ever forget this amazing event that I was lucky enough to attend. I hope that I will be going to another We Day Concert in the future. It was a really great and fun experience!

Thank you Mr. Harbeck, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Potter and all the other wonderful Sargent Park staff that made today happen! :)

"Redefine Possible"


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