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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jada's Pay It Forward

Part 1
What is Pay It Forward?
Pay it forward is a plan where if you help one person they'll help another 3 people and then they will help another 3 people then it will go on.

Part 2
My pay it forward act of kindness was going around raking yards with my younger sister.

I chose this activity because my sister wanted to help so I did the easiest thing for her to help with but also because there are a lot of trees in my neighborhood and since the weather is getting colder people will most likely put off raking their yard for another day or 2.

I helped rake up my own yard which is something that I don't do usually and a neighbor named Jesse, who had just recently suffered a concussion.

I raked my and her yard and also helped her move somethings into her garage.

I did my act of kindness on November 13th, 2011.

Part 3
My act of kindness went very smoothly except for the weather, it was very cold.

Nothing much happened but Jesse did give us a snack when we were done.

I felt very happy with myself because I got to help someone who has an injury.

Will Jesse was very pleased with the action, but my mom was surprised when she saw me raking the yard.

I didn't ask Jesse to pay it forward because I forgot do to being happy with myself.
I did ask my mom to pay it forward. She said that she will try.

Part 4

The idea of pay it forward is important because if we can get everyone to pay it forward there will be people who become more fortunate do to the action and plus it makes you have a good feeling inside knowing that you helped make a difference.

Will I know for a fact that my action made a difference to my mom because my mom wouldn't bother to go out there and rake other peoples yards but she said she'll make a difference in her own way.

(The computer was having trouble uploading the pictures so they will be posted at a later time.)


casey816 said...

Good Job Jada. It was really nice of you to help your neighbor, and to rake her yard. Try to upload your pictures now for evidence.

daphne873 said...

Nice work Jada! It was so nice of you to help your neighbour rake their yard because she was injured. It was probably a really "big thing" for her, because she maybe can't do it on her own, and you have helped her a lot! Try to upload your pictures, if you haven't yet. I'll try to look for it. Its great how you have asked your mom to "pay it forward" .. so the "good deeds" could spread everywhere. I think you deserve a high-five on your PAY IT FORWARD, once again, you have done a nice job! :D

j.b.816 said...

Good Job Jada!
Those maybe simple but it helped others a lot! Next time maybe you should try to get pictures for evidence!

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