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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gurpreet's Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward is a act that you do and the person you do it for, passes it on to someone else.

Here are the questions I am going to answer in my paragraph

1.Who are you going to help?
2.What are you are going to do
3.Where are you going to go?
4.When are you going to do this?

For my pay it Forward I actually did two things. I worked early in the mornings at a breakfast program and helped them serve children for a couple of days and I donated some clothes and books at West Central Woman's Resource Center. At the breakfast program I a going volunteer and helped them serve children that go to the school. I am doing this at 8:00 or earlier sometimes before school. At the West Central Woman's Resource Center I am going to donate clothes and children books. I am going to a breakfast program because I think they need help sometimes and while I help them they can make snacks and other things for the children later on. I am going to a local Woman's Resource Center. I am going to volunteer a few days a week so I get a few hours done. I am going to do this after school.

These pictures were at the Breakfast Program

These were at the West Central Women's Resource Center
After the Pay it Forward
I think my Pay it Forward went great. In the breakfast program I asked them to pay it forward they didn't get it but after some explaining they did and said they would try paying it forward. In the center I didn't ask them because they already help women who are in need so they are paying it forward. I felt great after doing this because it really made me happy seeing them happy. It felt that way because seeing that I have really done something great that would help them and seeing them smile and say thank-you it just made the work and waking up in the morning seem not that big of a deal.


joshL814 said...

Great Job, Gurpreet! You must be pretty happy of what you accomplished, huh? Well, I know you are. Anyways, your act of kindness have made a difference. I think you really put a lot of effort into this so I congratulate you, but if I may ask, why did you choose to do this act of kindness. You forgot to answer that in your paragraph. Otherwise, good job! Keep it up!

ayrab816 said...

Great job Gurpreet! I really like your pictures, it showed what you did clearly. You did a lot for this project, so your some what tired when you did this. You put a lot of effort in this project to help people in our community you showed that even if your just ONE you CAN still MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! Good Job again Gurpreet!! :)

diana817 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
samantha8-14 said...

Great job Gurpreet! It's great to see that you did more than one act of kindness. I also want to ask why did you choose doing this as your act of kindness but other than that i think it's that you helped out your community.

Jenny816 said...

Awesome job Gurpreet. It's awesome to see that you did more than one act of kindness. Why did you chose this act of kindness? But good job!

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