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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Liyanah's Graphing Post

1. Use your notes to list the different types of graphs. Please list the advantages and disadvantages of each graph.

Bar Graph:
Adv: It compares data and it shows who has the highest or lowest data.
Dis: The intervals can be wrong which it will not be accurate.

Double Bar Graph:
Adv: It compares two sets of data and it shows the difference between the two sets of data.
Dis: Once again the intervals can be wr
ong which the graph will not be accurate.

Circle Graph:

Adv: It compares data that is part to whole using percents and you can see who has the biggest part.
Dis: It is only best to compare one set of data.

Line Graph:
Adv: It compares data overtime and it is good for showing the difference between the data.
Dis: It can only c
ompare data overtime and it can be misleading.

Picto Graph:
Adv: It
is good for comparing data using visuals.
Dis: It can be misleading by making the visuals larger.

2. How can graphs be misleading. Show 3 ways.
A pictograph can misleading because sometimes the visuals may be larger than the other set of data which makes it seem that is the exact same as the other set of data when its not.

Here is an example of a graph that can be misleading.

Here is another example of a graph that can be misleading.

2a) The following chart shows Pizza Sub Sale
s over a month. What 2 graphs would show the information accurately?
The bar graph and the line graph would show the information more accurately. The bar graph is good for comparing data and the line graph is good for comparing data over time.

2b) If you were selling Pizza Subs would you continue? How does your graph explain your answer.
Yes, i would continue selling the Pizza Subs because more people are buying each week.

4. Below you see 2 different examples of graphs showing healthy choices sold at the canteen. If you had to convince Mr
s Mota that we should continue selling healthy choices which graph would you choose?
I would choose the line graph because it shows the difference from Septembers number to Novembers.

4a) Change each graph so that your information looks even MORE impressive. You may not change the data just the graphs.

Here is a video to help you learn more about misleading graphs.


Kamille817 said...

Hi Liyanah ! I love your post. It was really easy ti understand but when you change the font from big to small it was really hard to read the smaller fonts, so I suggest to make them a little bigger. The pictures was really easy to understand and I learned a lot from your blog post. Thank you :)

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