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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

For my Pay It Forward Joey, Eli, Mikey, Ace, Adrian, Hendrix, and me did 4 things like donating clothes, food, rake Eli's back yard relatives place, and babysit his grandma's foster kids. The first thing we did was donate clothes to Value Village that we don't wear anymore and we also told the guy at Value Village to pay it forward. After we went Costco to donate food like baby food and pasta at the drop off bin. Later we went to Eli's grandma's house to babysit his grandma's foster kids for a while which was fun and after that we went to his relative's house to rake their backyard. After all that we went to Chicken Delight to kind of celebrate our accomplishments that we did that day.

Here is our Pay It Forward video made by Adrian


Aaron S 814 said...

Good job Terence! I think those people are going to be really happy! but i also think u have too many people in your group

ethan816 said...

Good job Terence!!! I like how you did so many acts of kindness

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