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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gurpreet's We day Post

On November 23 2011 30 of us got to go to the MTS center to get inspired at we day. We came to our school at 8:00 and got prepared then we got on a bus and went to the MTS center. Some grade 6ers were also with us. Our teachers Mr. Harbeck, Mrs Lee, Mrs Wilson, and Mr. potter went with us.

When we got there the MTS center was full and we went to go find our seats which were located at 214. When we sat down there were helpers there to pump us up and answer questions but nobody needed to get pumped up we were all already so excited.

First thing we did was learn the we day dance if you didn't know it. We practiced for a while then Shawn Desmond came on stage. After Shawn Desmond many more inspirational speakers came on stage. These speakers were Craig and Mark Keilburger, Hannah Taylor, and Spencer West, Mia Farrow, Al Gore, Michel Chikwanine and more.
A couple of times we said " WE ARE!" . We said this because they asked us "Who is the change" or "Are you feeling inspired". Everyone was screaming saying "WE ARE"
The most important speaker for me was Michel Chikwanine. His speech made a big impact on us all. More than 16 000 people not making one sound is amazing and that happened when he was showing the cards. The message that he gave was even more powerful and to me more inspiring then all of the speakers and that says a lot because they were also so much inspiring. His speech made us all want to do "vow of silence".
The day was fun, amazing and brought a lot of powerful messages. If someone told me I could do this all over again I would want to very much. It was a very powerful event nothing like i have ever seen or been to before.
Here are some pictures that show what happened there.

Sorry my pictures are bad. I tried putting them as a video but it would not work.


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