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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Anita's Pay It Forward

"Pay It Forward" is doing a random act of kindness for at least someone who will in turn pass it on to other people.
For my Pay It Forward project, Melina, Sheila and I helped Sheila's mother babysit her cousins while she was sick. We babysat for the weekend and it was more fun than I thought it would be! I chose to do this project because Sheila told I were going to make plans, but then she said that her mom was sick and she couldn't go. That made me realize that not only was Sheila missing out on a fun day, but so was Sheila's mother! The three of us wanted to make her day a little easier, so we thought that we could babysit for one weekend.
Here is a picture of one year old Matthew:
Here's 2 year old Jayden:
And 4 year old Fiona:
Our act of kindness was very successful. We made some arts and crafts, played Catch inside the house, we even gave them a bath! Matthew, Fiona and Jayden are really fun kids to spend the weekend with, I didn't even mind that I had to wake up at 8 in the morning for the weekend! I felt very satisfied because we helped a Sheila's busy mother, and I had fun for 2 days without much cell phone or computer use. It helped me remember that technology isn't the only source of fun. Sheila's mom was overjoyed when she saw the kids smiling and laughing, and it felt great seeing that we made her gloomy day brighter! I did not ask Sheila's mother to "Pay It Forward" because she was in bed sick and she was tired. I do think she helps more than 3 people regularly, though. She makes Fiona, Matthew, and Jayden's parents lives more manageable when she babysits the children.
The idea of Pay it Forward is so important because when one person helps 3 people, and one of those 3 people helps another 3 people, the numbers really add up and make a giant difference. The thought of helping someone without asking for anything in return is also really nice.
My act of kindness has made a difference to Sheila's, and all of the other children's parents, simply by Melina, Sheila and I looking after 3 very energetic kids! It was a very fun weekend, and I hope we can all do it again some other time!


cyerra873 said...

Hey Anita! :) I like how you had a lot of fun doing your Pay It Forward. I also really liked how in your post, you bolded some of the words as if to put emphasis on them. It was really nice how you didn't just make one person happy but by what I've read and counted, SIX people happy! Keep it up! :D

Shera816 said...

Hi Anita! I think you and your group did a good job with your act of kindness. I liked the way you explained everything. I think that it was really nice of you guys to do such a nice thing for Sheila's mother while she wasn't feeling well. Great job!

Jason 8-73 said...

Nice post Anita. I looked like you had a lot of fun during your Pay It Forward. It was really nice how you didn't just make one person happy but more.


Janessa814 said...

Good job Anita ! I think it was a good idea to babysit because it is easy . I hope you guys had fun! I like how you put the pictures on. I think it would have been better if you added color to the text. But over all it is really good . Good job girls and keep up the work !!!

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