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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Eli's Graphing Post

Bar Graph- Advantage: Shows which categories has the most or least
Disadvantage: The intervals might make the data very close, even if it's far
Double Bar Graph- Advantage: Compares two sets of data and shows which is better
Circle Graph- Advantage: Shows data as a percent
Disadvantage: Data won't be as accurate as a percent
Line Graph- Advantage: Shows the data overtime
Disadvantage: Can only be used for data overtime
Pictograph- Advantage: Can be easily identified
Disadvantage: Hard to identify if it's not a whole or half
Break in the Y-axis
Make a picture than the other ones
Make a bar larger than the other ones
2a) I would use a line graph and a bar graph
2b) I would because my line graph would show me improving each week.
4) I would use the line graph because it shows that healthy foods are being sold more each month.


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