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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dom's Pay it foward.

Part 1

Pay it forward is when someone is helping another person(s) by doing a act of kindness and soon that person will do the same to others.

Part 2

What Karl, Oudorn, Nikko and I did for our act of kindness was donating clothes to value village and buying stuff to put in a shoe box so we can give it to the children in Africa. We chose these activities because when we donate our clothes to value village other people can afford the quality goods at great values. We also donated to Africa because the children in Africa never got to celebrate christmas and never got gifts, so we wanted them to know what christmas is like. We helped the people in need of good quality clothing and helped the kids in Africa. We went to value village to donate the clothes and went to dollarama to buy things to put in the shoebox. We did our active kindness on Sunday November 13.

Part 3

Our act of kindness went great because we had a lot of fun going around to try to make difference. When we donated to value village the workers in value village agreed to pay it forward. We felt really great , because we made a difference by paying it forward and donating things to value village and sending a shoe box full of toys and others to africa for christmas. The children in Africa doesn't really get gifts or even celebrate christmas, that's why we decided to donate. The people who worked at value village was surprised and happy when we donated because they didn't think we would donate at this age. Then we asked the lady who worked at value village if she would pay it forward, and she said "after seeing what you guys have done i will pay it forward".

Part 4

The idea of Pay it forward is important because we are helping people that are in need and telling other people about pay it forward so they could do it too. I think our act of kindness made a difference because now some of the kids in Africa will know what christmas is.

Here is our video! Hope you like it!


kyia718 said...

GOOD JOB BOYS!!!!(: I liked of you guys did something really sweet for some of the kids in africa that was really nice.:p im proud.

A. the people involved in the act of kindness was Dom Oudorn Nikki and Karl.

B. Dontaning clothes to Value Village and Putting iteams into a box and giving it to kids in Africa.

C. I think the group benefited buy using there own money and thinking of other people before themselve and giving iteams away I also think the kids who are getting the gitfs are benefited because someone out there is giving them things to show that even they are important to.

D.You can learned that by doing things out of the kindness of your heart is easy you just got to want to and help others.

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