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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Percents means out of 100

page 36.

What percent is shown by the grid?

Answer 76% of the grid is shaded
page 37.

Show each diagram as as fraction, a decimal and a percent

Decimal: 0.2
Fraction: 1/4
Percent: 20%

Page 38

Represent 0.76 %.

Homework: Find 22% of 80 and show your way.


Jada 8-17 said...

Good job Hendrix, It really helped a lot but next time add a video to give a little bit more of an explanation on it.

Kamille817 said...

HI Hendrix! Well done in your post. I really like how you showed us some examples for percent. I think your post is too short. You can add a few things such as: Questions like: 50% of 60, 25% of 60, ans so on. You could have also explained us how you did 0.76% on a grid. Your post would've been better also if you put a video and change some font colors to catch attention of the viewers. Here is a video that can help:

Other than that, good job! :)

paige817 said...

Good Job Hendrix!
You did a good job getting the easy information down but you also should have added more questions to help us understand. You could have added a video and colour too!
Otherwise, great job!

liyanah817 said...

Good Job Hendrix. I think you couldve done better by adding a video, maybe a link and maybe even some colour to make it look more interesting. Otherwise Keep it up! (:

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