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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Diana's Graphing Post

Graphing Post

1. Use your notes to list the different types of graphs. Please list the advantages and disadvantages of
each graph.

Circle Graph
Advantage:excellent visual concept of a whole or easy to label and has lots of space
Disadvantage:Difficult to understand without label.
Line Graph
Advantage: revels trends and relationship between data
Disadvantage: multiple lines on the graph, especially unrelated can be confusing
Double Bar Graph
Advantage: can be compared by 2 sets of data across categories
Disadvantage: can be a little bit confusing than the bar graph
Advantage: readily see the numbers for each categories by using simple multiplication
Disadvantage: doesn't give the exact number
Bar Graph
Advantage: simple to read and understand
Disadvantage: it's hard to see the exact number

2. How can graphs be misleading. Show 3 ways.
  • breaking in the y- axis
  • making a bar 3D
  • maybe they forgot to put labels or titles

2a) The following chart shows Pizza Sub Sales over a month. What 2 gra
phs would show the information accurately?
The 2 graphs that I would think that it will show the information are bar graph and line graph.
2b) If you were selling Pizza Subs would you continue? How does your graph explain your answer.
If I were to sell Pizza Subs I would still continue selling it. My graph explains my answer because on line graph it shows the data over time and in bar graph, it shows and compares the data for each categories
4. Below you see 2 different examples of graphs showing healthy choices sold at the canteen. If you had to convince Mrs Mota that we should continue selling healthy choices which graph would you choose?
If I had to convince Mrs. Mota that we should continue selling healthy choices I will choose the bar graph because it's easy to read, understand, gives details, and compare the data across categories.

4a) Change each graph so that your information looks even MORE impressive. You may not change the data just the graphs.

Diana 8-17


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